Extensive experience in recreational products and services

Prior-Game is a group of companies with extensive experience in recreational products and services. Nowadays we manage about 2.500 machines and collaborate with more than 500 clients in designing and managing recreational and gaming areas.

Our activity is mainly focused in two main areas:

  • A-type gaming machines, such as video-games, pin-balls, simulators, sports, for kids and vending.
  • Internet access terminals
  • B-type machines, Slot machines.

Our warranties:

  • Machine operator company authorisation in the Canary Islands: CAE-1244
  • Securities lodged with the Gobierno de la Comunidad Canaria: 425.000€
  • Member of Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Máquinas Recreativas
  • Member of Asociación de Empresarios Provincial de Las Palmas
  • Liability Insurance in the operation of machines: 600.000€